Act against Climate Change

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Act against Climate Change

Adva is an education and action-oriented app designed to create a global environmental movement through collective individual action. Build sustainable living habits through daily activities and earn rewards!

Introducing Adva – Change begins here

A solution that goes beyond just a carbon footprint calculator, learn how to save the environment with Adva. Adjust your habits, complete challenges, earn rewards and contribute to a cause.

Take a lifestyle quiz

Understand the impact of your lifestyle choices by answering a few questions about your daily habits.

Start living sustainably

Take on tasks within the app to earn rewards such as discounts on sustainable products and cashback. Create your own virtual planet and witness your actions influence its growth in real time.

Adopt a daily action plan

Choose a carbon reduction path that you can commit to. The app will customise an action plan and recommend daily activities to complete such as making travel, shopping or food choices.

About Adva

Adva means “little ripples” in Hebrew. At Adva, we hope to accelerate progress in sustainability by empowering every individual to act and safeguard our environment, fostering a positive attitude towards sustainable living.

Our vision is to create a community where the smallest ripples of individual change collectively add up to the biggest waves of sustainable impact. The future is in our hands, and it is up to us to shape the world we are living in.

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